Welcome to the GREYCORTEX Helpdesk

If a technical issue regarding your Mendel appliance occurs, our Helpdesk is a place for you to open a ticket which will be then resolved by our Support department. You can also use it if you find yourself with a generally or technically oriented question regarding your Mendel appliance, which needs to be answered by our Support or R&D department. There is also an option to define a feature request.

How can I obtain access to your Helpdesk?

The only way to obtain access to our Helpdesk is to ask one of our sales representatives. As soon as you obtain credentials to your personal account you can use these to log in here.

The types of tickets

Technical Issue

You should create this type of ticket if you have:

  • Ongoing or long term technical issue with your appliance


  • No events in the GUI.
  • Can not upgrade to newer version.
  • The GUI and/or ssh is unreachable.
  • We had a hardware failure, how should we proceed?

General Inquiry / Technical Question

You should create this type of ticket if you have:

  • Request for support account activation
  • Technical question
  • General question


  • I’ve installed Mendel, but I can’t see any events in the GUI, why is that?
  • Aside from DHCP, what other methods does MENDEL use to get the hostname?

Please, take a minute and try to find the answer to your question in our Documentation or in our Manual before creating the ticket.

Feature Request

You should create this type of ticket if you have:

  • An idea for a new feature that will help to improve the product.


  • One click upgrade for the sensor-collector type of deployment.
  • Time-limited false positives.

How to open a ticket

  • Visit our Helpdesk and select ‘Open a New ticket’.
  • This will take you to the login screen where you can log in with credentials provided by our sales representative.
  • Select one of the available help topics.
  • Once you select the topic a form will appear.

Response from our helpdesk

We will answer your inquiry as quickly as we can based on the information you have provided. We may need to ask for some follow-up information depending on the nature of the issue. As soon as the inquiry is processed, you will be notified by our helpdesk via email, which will contain direct link to your ticket.

How to contact us directly?

If you need to reach us directly, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]
+420 775 670 570